Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yesterdays Adventures

I just had to tell you all about my adventures yesterday looking for a new horse for my friend! We went to Naranderra to look at a 14.3hh Fleabitten grey riding pony x gelding to buy, and on the way we were stopped on the highway because of roadworks. Once we'd stopped, Amanda said "hey look! there's a kangaroo in the grass!", so I looked around, and here is a cute kangaroo laying near the road just lazing around.  

Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed something else.. something pink, hairless and vulnerable scrambling around next too her. I said to Amanda "Oh my goodness, PULL OVER!", so she did, and there on the ground next to his mother was a little joey who had obviously been thrown from his mum's pouch and onto the grass. He was all pink, had no hair and his eyes werent even open yet. When we looked closer we could see that mum had been hit by a car and had either broken legs or damaged hips because she couldnt move her back half. It was so sad, because we couldnt do anything for her- we were in the middle of nowhere. She made a half hearted effort to growl at us before we scooped the little bundle into a jumper and headed back to the car. Leaving mum there was heartbreaking!  

Anyway, because we were on our WAY to see the horse, we couldnt just turn around and head home. So we continued on to Naranderra with a very scared, cold and hungry little roo in my lap. When we arrived we took him to a vet, only to be told that there was nothing they could do because they dont have a WIRES branch in Naranderra. So, with a little convincing we left the roo there while we looked at the horse, and told them we would be back to take the little roo back to home. So, once that was out of the road, we headed to see 'Gerald' the riding pony x. And, i am glad to say that he could be my friends new addition to the family! He hasnt been in full work for a few years, but with continuous riding should start to get fitter and remember his previous education. He's one of those horses you can almost do anything with and be sucessful as a bonus! I think we will be heading back on sunday with a float. Exciting stuff!  

On the way home, as promised we dropped into the vet and picked up our little hairless friend. After surviving the car trip home, we called the WIRES branch to see what could be done. He had already spent 4hrs without his mum, and who knows how long out of his mums pouch. The lady said she would be coming to Wagga at 8am the next morning and asked if I could meet her with the joey then. So, with that planned, the little joey had another 13hrs of waiting to do. We didnt hold much hope for him surviving the night, but we bundled him in pillow cases, beanies, and blankets in hope that he made it.  

After a horrible nights sleep i was reluctant to check on my little friend in fear he wasnt still with us.. but before i even had to open his make-shift pouch i saw movement and knew he was alright - for the time being. A little under an hour later i was handing him over to the WIRES lady for proper care! So that, my friends, is the adventure my eventful horse trying experience! A little unexpected thats for sure. I just hope the little joey makes it.. he's obviously a fighter, but they can only hold on so long :(